SBooster BOTW AC 16V Upgrade Power Supply

The BOTW AC 16V upgrade power supply is new in Sbooster power supply lineup. This BOTW AC upgrade power supply is specifically designed for devices with an external AC power supply. This power supply is mainly intended as an upgrade power supply for turntables with a 16V AC power supply from e.g. Thorens and Pro-Ject. For an optimum ease of use, the Sbooster power supply is supplied including 2,1mm and 2,5mm adapters.

This AC power supply is based on the highly acclaimed BOTW P&P ECO MKII from Sbooster. Due to the clean and stable power supply of these BOTW power supplies, Hi-Fi components powered by a Sbooster power supply generally provide a more musical, transparent and spacious sound quality than with the supplied factory power supply.

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