Samsung The Sero 2020 QE43LS05T

With this innovative Samsung The Sero Lifestyle television, you experience watching television in a whole new way. This Samsung The Sero (Korean for 'vertical') is a new kind of TV for use with new media. This beautiful 43-inch 4k UHD QLED smart TV is specially developed for those who are active on social media and watch multimedia using an Android or iOS smartphone.

Most social media content is recorded in vertical orientation. Transferring this content to a regular large screen TV often results in a narrow strip of content locked between two black bars. When showing vertical content this ‘smarter’ TV does something revolutionary; the TV detects the smartphones orientation and automatically rotates the entire screen 90 degrees around its axis. This makes Samsung the first manufacturer in the world to offer such an innovative solution.

Intuitive streaming

This Samsung television set features NFC technology that makes streaming your content even easier. Simply tap your NFC-enabled smartphone against the side of the TV and your smartphone's screen will be directly displayed onto The Sero. Use this TV to view photos and movies on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and other social media channels. Easily stream movie clips and live streams from your smartphone and watch the content in both landscape and portrait format without those ugly black bars.

Enjoy to the max

Of course, this smart TV is also suitable for watching 'normal' broadcasts and for streaming video content through Netflix or any other streaming service. Connect your Blu-Ray player or set-top box with HDMI, connect the television set (wireless) to your home network or easily stream content with Bluetooth or Apple Airplay2. This the Sero features Adaptive Sound+ and Active Voice Amplifier for an ultimate viewing experience. A powerful 4.1 audio system with a music power of 60 Watts is integrated in the base of the television and allows an unprecedented audio-visual experience.

Apps and SmartThings

Download one of the many free Samsung apps to provide this smart TV with additional functionality or desired services. When this The Sero is not used for entertainment and is switched in stand-by mode, you can use the television as a convenient information screen or as a piece of art. Easily choose a SmartThings applications such as Clock, Stylish Mood, Poster, Sound Wall or Photo Wall to transform the The Sero in such a way it perfectly integrates into your home or business interior.