Enjoy your favorite music in silence with these TOUCHit on-ear headphones by SACKit. These closed-back headphones are shaped according to the world-famous Danish Design philosophy and are built with premium materials. Applying soft 'double donut' ear cushions this headphone offers great wearing comfort. The powerful built-in battery allows you to listen up to 22 hours to your favorite music. With noise reduction enabled, the battery life is about 16 hours and should be sufficient for a day’s use.

Active noise reduction

Just like over-ear headphones, these double ear cushions effectively reduce most ambient noise so you can enjoy your favorite music without disturbing background sounds. If you need a tad more silence, you can enable Active Noise Cancelling with the touch of a button. With the ANC turned on, these headphones reduce background noise up to 20 decibels.

Ease of use

Control buttons on the ear cup enables you to control volume and the music player without physically touching your phone or music player. The wireless range is 10 meters which allows you to safely keep your phone in your pocket of (hand)bag. If you receive a phone call on the go, you answer it with a single push of the button. Regardless of the ambient noise, you can conversate in a crystal-clear sound quality.