Rotel RMB-1585

The RMB-1585 is Rotel's most powerful 5-channel power amplifier. The amplifier delivers 5x 200 Watt of output power at 8 Ohm load. This makes it a perfect power amplifier for surround and (home)cinema application. The real power of this amplifier lies not so much in the output power itself. The ability to reproduce the dynamics of a Hollywood blockbuster as well as the musical nuances of acoustic instruments is the real power of this multi-channel power amplifier.

This Rotel power amplifier is designed according to Rotel's renowned Balanced Design Concept. This concept, including powerful Rotel toroidal transformers, selected components and UK-made Slit-Foil capacitors, ensures that this amplifier correctly reproduces even the smallest nuances at all volumes. Thanks to the temperature-controlled fans, the temperature remains at the right level even at higher volume settings. This makes this amplifier perfect for custom install purposes.