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Roon Nucleus

Comes with a Roon license code for 1 year of free Roon. Can be used with an existing account.

The ultimate Roon experience

Designed by the team that made Roon, Nucleus is the only music server on the market that is designed from the ground up to provide the best Roon experience.

Reasons you'll love Nucleus

  • Turn-key, zero maintenance
  • Silent and built for sound quality
  • Easy, integrated updates via Roon
  • Works with USB, HDMI, and networked audio devices
  • Import music files & streaming playlists
  • Rip your CDs losslessly*

* Ripping CDs requires an external USB optical drive (not included)

The only Roon Server designed specifically for Roon, by Roon.

A gateway to plug-and-play Roon enjoyment that provides silent operation, high-performance, power-efficient reliability and superior audio quality in a visually striking modern enclosure. It’s an unrivaled, uncompromising, purpose-driven home for Roon!

Enjoy Roon's full potential

Meet Nucleus, the only music server on the market guaranteed to fulfill Roon's full performance potential.

Roon Server is the musical superbrain of your Roon system. It manages your library, handles signal processing, and oversees music playback. Whether you're listening at home or with Roon ARC on the go, it's the first link of your signal chain. Accordingly, it's super important that you choose a machine that's up to the task. Starting with an unpowered server will have negative ripple effects further downstream. Your music listening deserves better.

Nucleus is the quickest, easiest way to get your Roon system running or upgrade an existing setup. It has an advantage over other platforms because it was engineered to provide the most reliable and problem-free Roon experience. It's designed to do one thing and do it unerringly: create the ideal home for Roon. Nucleus isn't checking emails, looking for driver updates, juggling dozens of other unessential processes, or flexing your firewall against overly curious webpages. Its only concern is Roon.

Nucleus feeds an entirely transparent signal to Roon's audio engine. That neutral background allows you to shape your system's sound signature with any of our 1000+ Roon Certified partner devices.

If you're looking for the quickest, easiest, most reliable, problem-free, best-sounding, immersive Roon experience possible - Nucleus is for you. Why deny yourself that kind of luxury? Order your Nucleus today!