Ring Chime Pro Gen.2 (2020)

With this 2nd generation Ring Chime Pro you get notified when your Ring doorbell detects movement or when somebody rings the door. Furthermore, you increase the Wi-Fi range of your Ring doorbell and your Ring surveillance cameras with just a single addition. This makes the Ring Chime Pro Gen.2 a smart multi-purpose solution.

Receive notifications

This second-generation Ring Chime Pro is perfect for places where the doorbell is hard to notice and you don't have your smartphone at hand. Simply plug the new Chime Pro into any wall socket and connect the Chime Pro through the Ring app to your Ring doorbell. This Ring Pro supports 2.4 and 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi and with this the Ring Chime Pro is a clever feature in your Ring network.

Increased security

The Chime Pro is also a smart network addition when you have surveillance cameras installed and the Wi-Fi signal needs to bridge a longer distance. This makes this Ring a perfect add-on when using Ring solutions at home, at the office, in the workshop or when you installed a Ring surveillance camera in your backyard shed.