QoA New Mojito

2 Sonion +4 Knowles BA Driver

The rhythm of the glitzy world is the New Mojito QOA flagship 6BA in-ear monitor.

Cavity Design

The 5-axis CNC machining center has carved out the delicate cavity of Mojito, result in natural and smooth curve, which is beyond imagination.

Designed stable wood cavity is unique for each item. The delicate micropores of the faceplate wood are fully displayed, as if the rising bubbles, staying on the faceplate forever.

Mojito is covered with imported UV protective oil, which was polished at ten thousand mesh level, showing a warm, smooth and delicate touch. Based on customized canal model database, thousands of adjustments to the details, giving you a totally senseless wearing experience.

Tuning Concept

Thanks to the high-sensitivity 3-way 6BA driver combination, Mojito vividly show you the details that you never noticed in the music. Just like bubbles in wine, you don't notice, but it has been waiting for you to taste.

With Mojito, you will enjoy the fresh sound style, which is like strolling along the coast of Cuba, bringing an unprecedented listening experience

Driver Configuration

Every frequency has never been neglected. Mojito is equipped with 4 Knowles BA units and 2 Sonion treble BA units. It has sophisticated cross-over, which covers 5Hz-50kHz, showing you the exquisite sound of the full range world.

  • Sonion 33AP007
  • Knowles 22955
  • Knowles 29689
  • Knowles 31736
  • Stable wood face plate
  • Stable wood shell
  • Eartips

Cable's Specification

  • Material Furukawa Copper with Silver Plated
  • Diameter 1.8mm/core
  • Strands Alloy copper 8 strands of 0.08mm+: 18 strands of 0.05mm+ 28 strands of 0.08mm braided per core, 2 cores manual braided, total 108 strands
  • Cable skin material PVC
  • Plug 4.4mm cable, 0.78 2pin
  • Adapter 4.4mm to 3.5mm

Mojito is originally equipped with a 4.4mm Furukawa Cable, to show you wide sound stage and also come with 3.5mm adapter cable.

Thanks to Furukawa Copper Cable, Mojito has clear sound performance. The inner wire is PP + PE with PVC protective skin, which is soft and not easy to knot.

Considering audio plug type of mainstream playback devices in the HIFI market at this stage, as well as the habits of fans, after a round of screening, we decided to use the original 4.4mm balanced pin, equipped with a 4.4mm to 3.5mm single-ended plug. Provide fans with a more convenient experience.

Color Options

By choosing premium wood, with a unique technology to blend the wood and pigment together, emphasizing the natural flavor. Birch wood is a high density natural wood that requires vacuum to remove water, at the same time, the pigment resin is penetrated into every crevice of the wood and well baked, resulting every piece of wood will have different grain and color style.

Storage Case

Storage case is sturdy and shockproof, with dual magnet opening and closing. Using PU leather, which has comfortable and durable texture. Inside is superfine fiber, with soft feel, strong breathability, good moisture dissipation, strong pressure resistance, compact and portable.