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Bluesound Pulse Sub+

The Bluesound Pulse Sub+ is a subwoofer specially designed to be used with Bluesound wireless speakers, a Bluesound home cinema set or Bluesound stereo component. With this subwoofer the bass is extended to 22Hz and creates the ultimate music or movie experience. The subwoofer is equipped with a relatively compact 8-inch polypropylene woofer, a powerful Class D amplifier and DSP. The output power is 150 watts RMS and peaks somewhere north of 200 watts. Experience explosive action scenes or the lowest bass notes in your favorite music like you never did before. The dynamic experience is so immense, it will instantly scare the spiders out of your neighbors’ basement. That's how powerful this Bluesound Sub+ is.

Despite the enormous dynamics that this subwoofer adds to music or film, the box size has remained relatively small and you can simply place it where it least gets in the way. The placement and setup of this subwoofer really is child's play. Simply slide it under the couch or attach it to the wall and don't worry about cables or connections. The most complicated steps are the unboxing and to plug it into a wall socket. The Bluesound app for iOS or Android handles all the complicated technical steps like setting the volume (gain), crossover frequency (50 - 150Hz) and phase in just a few clicks. Simply assign the subwoofer to the room where you want more bass and more bass is what you get. Do you prefer even more bass to levels that tear your socks, the wallpaper and ceiling plaster down? Simply assign a second Sub+ to the room to create crazy effects.

Cinema+ experience

If you already own a Bluesound Pulse Soundbar 2i, wireless Bluesound speakers or a Bluesound stereo component and would like to experience a more powerful low end, this Bluesound Pulse Sub+ would be the right choice. Add two more Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i speakers for the surround channels for an impressive Dolby Digital Surround experience and you'll have your living room or bedroom transformed into a breathtaking home cinema environment in just a few minutes.