Pioneer U-05-S

Headphone amplifier with D / A converter for an easy and accurate playback of music files from a PC via USB.

It's finally here

For true music lovers we have developed our first discrete headphone amplifier with USB DAC. It supports almost all connections of a traditional standard connector to 3 and even 4-pin NEUTRIK connectors you can connect cables as you want. Which headphone cable you choose the U-05 always ensures high quality audio thanks to its fully balanced circuit. Thanks to the advanced tuning capabilities is a considerable sound improvement.


Of course you can use the U-05 for playback through the headphones and powered speakers. But you can also use it as a high-end preamp with volume using the balanced XLR outputs or the unbalanced RCA phono outputs.

Audio playback in high resolution

This USB DAC plays traditional PCM signals and 28 MHz and 56 MHz DSD files. With the Hi-Bit 32-function you can 16 and 24-bit signals to upgrade to 32-bit quality, while the upsamplingfunctie increase the sampling rate to 384 kHz.

No jitter more

Dual Sabre 8-channel DAC is configured for parallel use left and right while a very precise master clock circuitry prevents jitter and noise distort the signal. With the U-05, it is thereby possible to reduce the DAC-locking range. Thus, noise and disturbing overtones are eliminated even better.