Nanoleaf Smarter Kit

Personalize your space with the Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter lighting kit. Customize the illuminating color patterns of the RGBW LED panels with the included controller, the Nanoleaf Smarter Series app or voice control. The Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter lighting kit is easy to install and comes with panel connectors and drill-free mounting accessories.

Smart lighting RGBW LED panels

Provide color-changing (16.7M colors) and tunable white (candlelight to twilight) functions.

Drill-free mounting kit

Ensures no damage to your walls during installation.

Lightweight, modular panels

Enable creation of unique shapes by snapping together along sides.

Three ways to operate

Include voice control, by the included controller or the Nanoleaf smarter series app.

Nanoleaf smarter series app

Allows to create customized scenes and color palettes, to choose and apply colors and animation types, create triggers, scheduled events, and alarms for the Aurora and more.

Power supply unit

Supports up to 30 panels.

What's Included

  • Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit
  • 9 RGBW Smart LED Panels
  • 9 Panel Connectors
  • 9 Mounting Stencils
  • 28 Mounting Strips
  • 1 Power Supply Unit
  • 1 Controller Unit