MoonDrop Blessing2

1DD+4BA, Hybrid Type Triple Crossover

3D Printed physical band pass&low pass filter ducts, plus Resistor Capacitor crossover forms a "hybrid" triple crossover. Dual Knowles SWFK treble drivers manage the trebles, the mids are handled by our proprietory dual mid-BA drivers (to achieve VDSF target frequency response), and a 10mm paper diaphragm dynamic driver delivers the bass. Crispy, sweet, highs, accurate mids, and a deep bass response to satisfy the most discerning listener.

Effective, Scientific, Ingenuous Driver Deploy

Among DD+BA hybrids, 1DD+4BA widely recognized as a particularly effective architecture. Unlike competitors who cram as many drivers as possible into their housing, the structure of Blessing 2 is simply effective and reasonable: Proprietory dual mid driver handle the midrange, covering frequencies from 500-8000Hz and complying with our VDSF target response. Knowles SWFK takes care of the treble by its low distortion and excellent high-frequency range.(In fact, more drivers on this range usually leads to degraded performance) The low frequencies are produced by a 10mm paper diaphragm which is spectacular on bass response, measurements, and subjective hearings. The efficiency of its bass response also outperformed many bass BA drivers.

3D Printed High Acuracy Physical Filter Tube Structure

Blessing 2 's physical filter features a band pass and a low pass filter, The band pass is used for altering the response range of dynamic bass and BA mid driver, the low pass filter is used for limiting Q value of mid and high-frequency BA drivers. This structure is simple, effective but complex to design&build. This complex structure needs exhaustive experiment and revision, and requires pinpoint accuracy in manufacturing to achieve ideal measurements.

Joint Venture With Acclaimed Manufacturer

In order to accurately manufacture the complex structure of Blessing 2 without the slightest errors we made use of world-class precision 3D printing by partnering with HeyGears, a well-known supplier in the industry to take advantage of their matured DLP-3D printing with medical-grade UV resin, producing reliable, accurate complex structure housing in high accuracy, transparency, and of course, rigidity.

CNC Faceplate Done, Precisely

Blessing 2's faceplate is made with medical grade stainless stell under precise CNC milling process, then brushed into what you have seen above. Assembled with a 3D printed transparent housing, the result is industrial artwork of the highest caliber. One side of Blessing 2 is engraved with "Blessing 2" logo, while the other side remains bare brushed metal.

BA-DD Phase Isssue? Not In Blessing 2

On top of the previous product we designed our triple crossover structure of utilizing both acoustical filter and resistor capacitor filter, perserving the phase consistency throughout most of the audible spectrum while ensuring that each driver works in its respective frequencies. No more hybrid panic issues.

Crispy, Sweet High, Accurate Mid, Deep Bass Response. Transparent, Yet Accurate.

The advantage of triple crossover lies in the accurate control of every driver in their respective range while retain their ideal performance, thus achieving our VDSF target response and allowing Blessing 2 to reproduce the sound quality of original recordings with exceptional accuracy.