Mitchell uStream One

The Mitchell Acoustics uStream One is a wireless stereo sound system featuring two active bookshelf speakers deploying the latest in True Wireless Bluetooth technology. Unlike the majority of Bluetooth speaker sets, which require a cable between the left and right speaker, the left and right uStream speaker connect wirelessly to each other, allowing complete freedom in placement.

Easy streaming

Instead of using your phone, tablet or laptop as your Bluetooth music source, you can simply playback your music with voice commands*. Just say "Alexa, play my Lazy Sunday playlist" or hook-up a traditional audio source and the uStream One effectively turn into a full Hi-Fi stereo smart speaker set. This uStream One system offers a quality level in Hi-Fi with a frequency span from 20Hz up to 20kHz that far exceeds any expectations. Operation couldn’t be easier with the included remote or easy to reach operating buttons placed on top.

* Via the Alexa app or Google Home app you can nominate your preferred Bluetooth speaker for playback. This means that instead of sound coming from the device itself, it comes from your uStream One.

Tiny giants

This wireless uStream One speaker system is fitted with custom CLARI-t drivers and powerfull 50 Watt amplifiers, with which they provide a potent, powerful sound that belies the relatively small cabinets they are mounted in. While best performance is experienced while placed on stands, the uStream One will happily work on a bookshelf or desktop. With these Mitchell uStream One loudspeakers you’ll enjoy a sound quality normally associated with expensive Hi-Fi systems, for a most affordable price.