Meze Rai Solo

Rai Solo has been born from a vision to offer entry-level audiophiles a solidly built and great value IEM. The Rai Solo works effortlessly with any device due to its low impedance and high sensitivity but to truly enjoy the full potential and advantages of its special driver we recommend the use of a DAP or a DAC if you want to use your phone as a source.

Perfectly shaped

In developing the Rai Solo, Meze Audio looked for a fun-neutral but well refined and controlled sound signature. The use of Metal Injection Moulding technology for the body of the Solo made it possible to have a very complex inner shape made in mass production with great accuracy.

Wire-Free UPM design

The new UPM driver eliminates inconveniences of traditional driver leads by using a totally different approach: the membrane itself is electrically conductive and, therefore, no wires are attached to the diaphragm. The result is a symmetric pistonic motion through its entire movement, without disturbance from the unbalance created by wires.

High wearing comfort

The more comfortable the IEM the better the listening experience, this is a fact. Serious audiophiles will spend hours on end engaged in their music. Meze Rai Solo offers ergonomic design, sturdy stainless-steel shell, refined dynamic driver, all for one purpose: enchanting your senses through a pure listening experience.