If you purchase a LIRIC, an extra Premium Cable can be chosen free-of-charge

  • Hand-braided, from Furukawa wires, by our team in Romania, this cables are meant to emphasize our headphones ’sonic performance, creating a full-bodied musical experience.
  • There are 10 different mono 3.5 premium cables to choose from. Copper PD-UHD or Silver PC-UHD withe the following connectors 2.5/3.5/4.4/6.3/XLR.
  • The stock soft TPE cables with 3.5mm jack, 1.5m and 3m, plus a 6.3 adapter, are still to be included with the standard package.

Meze Liric

Meze Liric is a closed-back over-ear headphone with featherweight planar-magnetic drivers. The headband structure has an artistic and timeless design. Thanks to the high quality materials, the wearing comfort of these ergonomically designed headphones is unparalelled.

These headphones are equipped with the most modern headphone techniques which will provide an immersive and most lively sound experience. Due to the impedance of 30 Ohms and the sensitivity of 100dB at 1mW, the headphones can be used with a wide(r) selection of sound sources, but will deliver the best possible sound quality with a dedicated headphone amplifier.

Isodynamic hybrid array

The planar driver features a featherweight MZ4 Isoplanar Diaphragm and Meze has put over three decades of science into this driver. Thanks to the feather-light diaphragms, these headphones are capable of producing ultra-high resolutions with which they reproduce even the smallest nuances and important transients in the music without any loss. The closed-back design also contributes to the music experience by filtering-out ambient noises.

Love for music

One of the applications to give these closed-back headphones the openness and spaciousness of an open-back type, Meze developed its unique Phase-X system. This preserves openness and musical emotion. Thanks to the Air Flow System, the accumulated sound pressure behind the diaphragms will flow effortlessly through the ear pads allowing Meze to keep the earcups small and lightweight.

Thanks to the split membrane with the Dual Driven System, the bass is produced in the upper part of the membrane and the mid and high tones are built up in the lower part, allowing the sound to flow more effectively into the ear canal. The sound occurs to be more 'naturally' and results in an uncompromising audiophile sound experience.