Meze Empyrean

The Meze Empyrian planar magnetic headphones are the current flagship model by Romanian headphones manufacturer Meze, and these headphones are most impressive. Meze uses their self-developed isodynamic hybrid array technology, an extremely advanced planar membrane esspecially developed for these headphones which is very cleverly divided into high and low tone areas. The ovoid shape of the membrane and ear pads also contribute to the uncompromising sound quality.

Every aspect of these headphones has been thought through. The leather headband is suspended in such a way that it makes maximum contact with the head over its entire length, thus avoiding painful spots. The construction is made of feather-light and rigid carbon fibre material. This contributes greatly to the wearing comfort. The ear pads are made of soft leather and the supplied cables are of premium quality.

Uncompromising enjoyment

Thanks to the extremely thin diaphragm and smart construction, this Empyrean delivers an extremely accurate sound reproduction, where not only is every detail faithfully reproduced, but this headphone also puts even the most tiny details very realistically in the space. The frequency span ranges from 4Hz to 110kHz and has an extremely linear frequency response. Do not expect overpowering basses or an over-detailed hights with this Meze Empyrean.

The strength of the Meze Empyrean lies in the natural and extremely realistic reproduction of instruments with a high degree of transparency. With these headphones, you can really follow every line and hear every imperfection in the recording. This makes the Empyrean not only an excellent headphone for the music purist, but also a very good choice for sound engineers who want to leave nothing to chance when mixing and mastering music.

Complete delivery

Even for a headphone in this class, the scope of delivery is most complete. The Empyrean comes standard with an extra set of breathable alcantara ear pads and a protective, foam-filled case for safe storage. The case also comes with a personalised message by the owner. Everything about these Meze headphones breaths exclusivity. Only for real head-fi connoisseurs.