Marantz CD5005

If you are searching for a great sounding CD player with an excellent price/performance ratio, then this Marantz CD5005 CD player might be a wise choice. This competitively priced player features a Cirrus Logic CS4398 Delta-Sigma DAC. This Digital to Analog Convertor belongs to one of the most vibrant sounding DACs in this price range and due to the highly acclaimed HDAM SA2 modules it delivers a wonderfully detailed analog sound quality with lots of tranquility.

This CD5005 offers everything you might expect from a good CD player. In addition to your regular CD collection, this player can also handle CD-R and CD-RW discs with mp3 or WMA files. The player is fitted with an adjustable headphones output. In addition to the stereo line output, with a coaxial or optical cable you can also connect the player to an external DAC or (headphone) amplifier with built-in DAC chip. Furthermore, the player is equipped with a pitch control and comes with a functional remote control.