The LUMIN U1 is a network audio streaming bridge. That makes is the perfect companion for a high-end Digital/Analog Converter (DAC) or an active loudspeaker setup.
  • Transport-only unit based on the award-winning LUMIN S1
  • 5 types of digital audio output including new USB
  • DSD128 5.6MHz / PCM 44.1–384kHz 16–32bit
  • Native Tidal & Qobuz support

After years of requests from existing high-end DAC owners, the LUMIN team have taken the finest components from the flagship S1 model and developed them specifically for digital processing and output. Using a new dedicated LUMIN U1 processor adds upsampling and downsampling for every supported format – all the way from 44.1kHz to DSD128 and DXD – providing maximum DAC compatibility and optimization.

As well as supporting DSD output over SPDIF (via DoP), LUMIN U1 also adds DSD128 digital output via 2 new USB ports.


Effortlessly plays everything from DSD 128 5.6Mhz through high-res PCM to mainstream formats FLAC, Apple Lossless, MP3 and Internet radio streams.


Gapless Playback, On-Device Playlists and robust music buffering provide a superior playback experience, free from distractions.


Precision-machined from a solid block of aluminium using the finest materials, LUMIN deserves a place at the top of any audiophile's hi-fi.

No compromise

The highest-grade matching components, circuit design and spacious layout include 5 digital audio outputs and an external toroidal power supply.


A superbly natural, attractive and uniquely designed iOS and Android app makes music browsing and selection a pleasure for everyone. Now with native Tidal and Qobuz support.