LUBEEZ ZigBee 3.0 AC dimmer

Control both existing traditional lighting and modern ZigBee lighting in your home environment with this innovative LUBEEZ ZigBee 3.0 AC dimmer. Easily combine this dimmer with a growing range of ZigBee lighting solutions, such as the Philips Hue and Ikea Trådfri. Link your existing home installation to a smart home environment in minutes or take the first easy steps to a smart and comfortable way of lighting.

Ultimate convenience

Add ZigBee functionality to a traditional home installation without fuzz and simply control the existing lighting with this smart ZigBee 3.0 AC dimmer. The ZigBee 3.0 AC dimmer can be easily integrated into any home installation. Just place the dimmer in an in-wall back box or, for example, near a vintage table lamp. The only additional action to perform is to add the ZigBee dimmer to a ZigBee gateway. The dimmer complies to strict FCC and CE guidelines which guarantees the safety of the home installation under all circumstances.