Linksys LGS308 EU-8-Port Gigabit Smart Switch

The LGS308 EU is an 8 port Gigabit Switch Linksys ideal for extending a home or business network. This managed switch offers advanced network features that you can calibrate itself. This allows you multiple VLANs and MAC-based port security opzetten.De switch has a rugged metal enclosure and is also very energy efficient unused ports are disabled. Quality of Service (QoS) receives important network traffic such as VoIP and streaming precedence.

Manufacturer's information:

  • Proven Performance and Reliability
  • Easy Configuration and Management
  • Advanced Network Security
  • IPv6 Support

Quality of Service (QoS) Traffic Prioritization

Numerous QoS features prioritize traffic to deliver the best possible user experience for real-time voice and video applications as well as high bandwidth graphic / video file uploads and downloads.

Network Expansion Potential

Linksys Smart Gigabit Switches include features for quickly expanding and growing your network --including Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and Storm Control features - to help control planned or inadvertent cable loops so you can confidently build a mesh of switches and quickly expand your network and support your growing workforce.

Advanced Network Security

We understand That unauthorized access to mission-critical data is a constant concern. Linksys Smart Gigabit Switches secure your network through port authentication and MAC-based port security that demand clients to authenticate themelves before any data is passed. Advanced DHCP snooping and IP-MAC binding functions Ensure network integrity and help preventinfo attacks.


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