With this 55-inch CX6LA 4K Ultra HD OLED from LG, you enjoy films and your television series in the best possible picture quality to date. Thanks to the wide viewing angle of this 2020 OLED panel, you can experience this picture quality virtual everywhere in the room, so comfortably sit wherever you like and enjoy.

Optimal experience of movies, series and your favorite games

The redesigned 4K Ultra HD OLED panel has over 8 million self-illuminating pixels, allowing you to experience your favorite TV series in razor-sharp picture quality with the blackest blacks and the most vivid, rich colors. If you are into gaming, the panel's fast response time, support for HDR gaming and G-SYNC will trigger you even more. Just pair your Bluetooth headset with the LG OLED and experience your favorite gaming like never before.

Even more powerful Gen3 a9 processor

The latest third generation a9 processor offers a boost in processing power and can handle even more advanced tasks than its predecessor. Due to the intelligent processor with deep learning Artificial Intelligence algorithms the television optimizes picture and sound quality. This guarantees a spectacular home entertainment experience. With Filmmaker Mode, you can even experience movies in cinema quality. With Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos, you can enjoy sound and image the way producers originally intended it to be. Thanks to the Virtual Surround Sound and the specially shaped television stand you will be more intensely involved in both films and series. If you, however, prefer an even better sound quality, you can easily add WiSA-certified loudspeakers for the best possible sound experience.

Complete your life with WebOS

This CX6LA LG OLED is equipped with Apple TV, Disney+ and Netflix streaming services. The unique LG Magic Remote enables you to effortlessly navigate to the movie or series you prefer to watch. This remote is also to be applied to automatically tune the sound quality of the television for the shape and dimensions of your living room. If you rather prefer to use the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Home kit or the advanced voice control of LG itself, you can control this television with even more ease. To complete this wonderful experience, you can download various WebOS apps to push even more entertainment out of this premium LG OLED.