With a design that looks stunning from all sides, you can enjoy Posé from front to back, left to right as it blends seamlessly into your interior.

The beauty is in the edges

Around the edges, Posé's soft, flowing lines create a calm, neutral look that extends into distance for a delicate design suitable for any interior.

A soft touch for a serene look

Framed in a muted, soothing beige, Posé's fabric finish is soft to see and touch, harmonizing and adding a stylish charm perfect for your interior.

Another way to reflect your style

Posé goes beyond a TV to integrate with your style and your interior. The stylish back looks great from different angles, and you can personalize the media rack to display your favorite books, magazines and photos.

Keeps your interior neat and tidy

What you don't see when you look behind your TV is a mess of accessories and cables. The cable and accessory organizer keeps everything neat, hidden behind the Clean Cover for uninterrupted viewing. And with two removable cable holders, you can hide wires along Posé's legs.

Your interior, your taste

Create an interior that's just right for you. When you're not looking at Posé, it turns into a frame, so you can decorate with a wide selection of artistic pieces. Just pick one to complete your interior.

Light up the room

Powered by Posé's bright and clear self-illuminating OLED evo technology, Brightness Booster delivers up to 20%, more brightness, so you can enjoy vibrant colors and finer details.

The brain behind your TV

Using a part-learning algorithm, this tiny but mighty processor reduces noise, restores content, and optimizes picture and sound for a cinematic viewing experience.