Kinera Imperial Norn

The Imperial Norn are the latest hybrid in-ear monitors from Kinera and these in-ears look stunning. The earbuds have a mirror finish and are real eye-catchers thanks to the artistic hand-painted design. The hybrid earbuds feature a dynamic 7mm driver for the low end, 2 Knowles Balanced Armature drivers and 2 Kinera Custom Balanced Armature drivers that give these headphones a superior sound performance.

7mm Premium Dynamic Driver

Kinera has equipped the Norn with a 7mm micro-dynamic driver for superior response in the lower sound spectrum. The driver is fitted with premium materials such as a powerful magnet, a pure Daikoku copper coil imported from Japan and a featherweight Titanium-plated diaphragm.

High-quality Knowles & Kinera Custom BA Drivers

Kinera opts for four high-quality Knowles & Custom BA drivers to pair with the DD unit. By using these 4 premium BA drivers, the Kinera Imperial Norn delivers an extremely detailed high and a clear definition of instruments. The headphones deliver high resolution, high clarity and high realism, lifting your music experience to a whole new level.