KEF LS50 Wireless

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Inspired by the legendary LS3/5A, LS50 passive speakers were introduced to the world at KEF's 50th anniversary. Expertly delivering a rich, multi-dimensional 'soundstage experience', audiences immediately warmed to the LS50, creating a huge buzz when launched and excited at bringing the professional studio monitor concept into the home. LS50 passive speakers were designed with the belief that everyone deserves to experience quality sound. After five years, KEF stepped up to the challenge of creating a music system for the digital age. It took LS50 passive speakers to the next level, turning them into a complete, fully active digital studio monitor system for the home.

Created without compromising on any of LS50's award winning acoustic capabilities, LS50 Wireless adds audiophile-grade amplification and sound processing, as well as extensive connectivity. It brings Hi-Fi sound to a new generation of listeners with digital music lifestyles.

Awards & Reviews


"They sound at least as good as the best comparably featured separates combinations available for similar money."

Reviewers' Choice Award – SoundStage! Access

"KEF’s LS50 Wireless is an outstanding loudspeaker. Its build quality, finish, and technical prowess are beyond reproach, and its sound quality remains faithful to both KEF’s design principles and to the original LS50."

Best Buy Award - HIFICRITIC

"This compact, fully active, remotely controlled point source design is a technical and acoustic tour de force. It’s an obvious Best Buy."

Best Product 2017-2018, Wireless Loudspeaker – EISA Award
DAR’s Product of the Year 2016