KEF LS50 Meta (per pair)

During KEF's 50th anniversary the first generation of passive LS50 loudspeakers were presented to the world. This speaker, entirely based on the legendary LS3/5A, was received with open arms by the public and also received many prestigious awards by the international press. Now, a few generations later, KEF introduces the LS50 Meta which has been improved in many crucial areas.

This LS50 Meta is equipped with revolutionary MAT technology. This Metamaterial Absorption Technology consists of a synthetic material with a maze-like structure which, according to KEF, has the super capacity to remove 99% of the internal cabinet reflections. These channels act as an 'acoustic black hole' that almost fully absorbs unwanted sound. As a result, you experience an unprecedentedly pure sound.

The LS50 Meta also features a specially designed 12th generation Uni-Q with MAT. Due to the improvements in this Uni-Q driver it spreads the sound nicely and homogeneously, enabling you to experience a most realistic sound image and a well-controlled bass throughout the room. These speakers fully ‘disappear’ into the soundstage, fully immersing the listener into the music.