KEF K-Stream

The KEF K-Stream cable is the perfect upgrade for the KEF LS50 Wireless loudspeakers. This high-grade cable connects the left speaker with the right one. This cable comes in a length of 6 meters and is twice as long as the 3-meter cable that is supplied with the LS50 Wireless system. The KEF K-Stream cable is based on Chord's award-winning C-Stream Ethernet cable and can be used as an interspeaker cable and as a high-quality network cable.

Thanks to the high-speed OFC conductors, loss-free polyethylene insulation, individually shielded wire pairs and 24k gold-plated contacts, the K-Stream delivers a flawless highres data transmission between both loudspeakers. Moreover, the RJ45 connectors have a clever strain relief for a longer lifespan. For those with a keen eye for detail, you can choose out of three finishes to match the beautiful colour scheme of the LS50 Wirelesses.