IsoAcoustics Aperta 300

The IsoAcoustics Aperta 300 is designed for use with center loudspeakers and e.g. guitar amplifiers. Place the Aperta stand under a loudspeaker and tilt it slightly that the dispersion is optimal for the chosen listening position.

Splendid Isolation

Speakers that are not decoupled from the surface they are placed on transmit resonances and vibrations causing undesired coloration, smearing of the sound and a total collapse of the imaging properties. Placing the speakers on Aperta stands, they produce a tighter, more controlled low end, better midrange definition and a more spacious soundstage.

With these IsoAcoustics Aperta your speakers can be tilted up to 6.5 degrees up- and downwards. The dimensions of the Aperta 300 contain 75 x 300 x 200mm, can carry a weight of 27 kilograms max and is available in anodized aluminum or in black. Supplied per piece.