Inakustik AmbienTone Sub No.2

This speaker is specialized for deep bass reproduction and can be perfectly combined with the AmbienTone panels No.4, No.2, an d No.1.This hi-tech in-wall subwoofer features a very low structure-borne sound thanks to its special design. Wall vibrations and the transmission of noise to neighbouring rooms are therefore reduced to a minimum, even without additional decoupling. The front of the subwoofer consists of a gypsum plasterboard. In the same way as AmbienTone No.4, it is screwed onto the substructure of drywall constructions and plastered over flush with the surrounding plasterboard. A 10 mm narrow slit acts as a sound outlet and can be positioned inconspicuously above the skirting board or close to the ceiling. The integrated special switch enables a direct connection to a standard amplifier.