Imperial BART 1

The IMPERIAL BART 1 is a Bluetooth audio transceiver to transmit and receive audio files via Bluetooth. The small transceiver can either be used as a transmitter (send audio files from a non-Bluetooth device to a Bluetooth device) or as a receiver (receive audio files from a Bluetooth device to a non-Bluetooth device). Another option is to use the IMPERIAL BART 1 as an external PC sound card (audio transmission from PC to speaker systems etc.). The model supports Bluetooth 4.0 standard as well as NFC (easy Bluetooth connection without configuration). The aptX standard guarantees maximum sound quality for best performance.

Top features

  • Transmit and receive audio files via Bluetooth
  • PC audio mode via USB (may be used as external soundcard)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (backward compatible) feat. up to 10m range
  • APTX codec support for best transmission quality
  • Easy-connect via NFC mode
  • Digital and analogue connection options
  • Compact in dimensions and weight