Ikko Audio Obsidian OH10

Like the previously introduced Ikko OH1, these Ikko OH10 in-ear monitors are designed with the utmost care. These beautifully designed in-ear headphones are equipped with the premium 33518 Balanced Armature drivers from Knowles including 10 mm polymer titanium-plated dynamic drivers with a composite diaphragm. This hybrid construction enables the Ikko OH10 to deliver a lively sound with a powerful and well-controlled bass.

The armatures of the OH10 headphones are made of a copper-alloy that effectively dampens all undesired resonances and distortion. Due to the specific shape of the armatures, these in-ear headphones deliver a pristine sound quality and are very comfortable to wear all day long. The internal parts of the armatures underwent a premium coating-process that allows the headphones to play music with even more detail and openness. The outside surface of the armatures is titanium coated, which makes it very scratch-resistant and less suitable for bacteria to build-up in scratches and microscopically small cavities.

These in-ear monitors from Ikko are shipped with six sets of ear tips for the best possible sound sealing and wearing-comfort. With this OH10 you can really listen for hours and hours to your favourite music. The Ikko OH10 is equipped with detachable headphone cabling so it can be replaced quickly with a higher quality headphones cable.