Ikko Audio Meteor OH1

Ikko Audio enters the head-fi market with the brand new Ikko OH1 headphones. And if you want to impress today's demanding head-fi enthusiast, as a newcomer you need to launch something very special. The build quality and ergonomic design of the OH1 in-ear monitors is something to behold. Ikko applies Knowles high-end 33518 Balanced Audio drivers and applies a dynamic 10mm titanium-polymer driver for the low frequencies. The sound quality is simply amazing.

High-quality craftsmanship

The earpieces are crafted from a lightweight metal alloy and due to the weight of only 6 grams they are very comfortable to wear. Due to the rigid build any sort of resonance and distortion are cleverly eliminated. The sound signature is slightly on the warm side of neutral. The low-end has a powerful and well-balanced punch. The heights have a slight laid-back character in that way the sound is lively and detailed without causing any fatigue. With these Ikko OH1 you can listen your favourite music non-stop for many, many hours on end.

The in-ear monitors are shipped with six sets of ear tips for both an optimal wearing comfort and sound quality. The Ikko OH1 headphone cabling is detachable so that it can be quickly and easily replaced for a higher-quality cable. Furthermore Ikko Audio provides the OH1 with a protective case, in which the headphones can be stored safely when not in use.