Ikk Audio CTU01

The IKKO CTU01 is a high-quality replacement cable for your 0.78mm 2-pin or MMCX in-ear headphones. You can apply this cable to your IKKO OH1, OH10 but is also suitable for all third party in-ear monitors with removable cabling. The IKKO CTU01 is available with a 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone jack and makes each in-ear model suitable for single-ended and balanced connection.

Upgrading and refurbishing

The CTU01 cabling set is supplied with universal replacement tips in various sizes and materials. This makes this IKKO CTU01 not just suitable as an upgrade package but is also the perfect choice for refurbishment of your precious in-ears that show the first signs of wear and tear due to long and intensive use.

Audiophile Grade

The cabling features 127um high purity single crystal copper cores, providing a significantly higher resolution than standard OEM headphone cabling. Thanks to the silver-plated wire pairs, the CTU01 offers higher transparency and more top-end response in the highest audible frequencies. Finally, the cable construction contributes to an ultra-low induction, allowing the IEMs to handle the all-important transient information in music unrestricted.