iFi Audio ZEN Signature Set HFM

This ZEN DAC and ZEN CAN Signature bundle is a great investment for any Head-Fi enthusiast who prefers to acquire a high-quality headphone DAC and powerful amplifier with an unmatched ratio between price and performance. Whether you use this set as a replacement for desktop speakers, as a headphone amplifier in your sound system or as a workhorse in your home studio environment, with this Signature bundle you will experience music in a perfect sound quality.

ZEN DAC Signature V2

The ZEN DAC Signature V2 is easily connected to a USB port on any computer or streaming bridge. The DAC can handle highres streams up to 24bit and 384kHz, offers native DSD support up to DSD256 and is suitable for MQA audio files. Send the analogue audio signal to a high-grade Hi-Fi component using the single-ended RCA output or the balanced 4.4mm output, taking full advantage of the dual-mono and balanced design of the ZEN DAC. The DAC is equipped with a variable line output, so that you can also drive a set of active monitor loudspeakers.

ZEN CAN Signature HFM

With the ZEN CAN Signature HFM you can virtually drive any kind or type of headphones. If you like to enjoy music while at work with your ultra-sensitive In-Ear Monitors, you can quickly adjust the amplifier settings accordingly with the easily accessible gain switch on the front. If you own a pair of HIFIMAN headphones, the all-new HFM feature that is exclusively added to the Signature HFM version of the ZEN CAN offers you a most realistic sound reproduction.


When ordering this Signature Set, there is also a 4.4mm Pentaconn interconnect added to the bundle that allows you to easily connect both ZEN Signature models. This high-quality cable is long enough to place the on top of each other. This bundle also includes two iPower2 5V power supplies.