iFi Audio ZEN DAC Signature V2

Specially for music enthusiasts who want to enjoy streaming audio in the best possible sound quality, iFi Audio developed the iFi ZEN DAC Signature V2. This preamplifier/DAC delivers unbelievably good sound quality and offers a performance that is rare as hens’ teeth in this price segment. The Signature version of the ZEN DAC V2 is equipped with an adjustable output volume and can be recognized by the blue housing with the black front panel.

The iFi ZEN DAC Signature V2 is designed to be a desktop DAC, a high-quality USB DAC for conventional Hi-Fi sets or as an easy to operate preamplifier/DAC for driving a set of active loudspeakers. The analogue line stage of the iFi ZEN DAC Signature V2 has a balanced and dual mono design offering a great channel separation and extremely low noise levels.

iFi Audio applied a state-of-the-art Burr Brown DAC chip offering a maximum highres resolution of 24 bits 384kHz PCM, supports MQA and thanks to the True Native chip design this iFi ZEN DAC Signature V2 delivers a bit-perfect DA conversion up to DSD256. So, no matter how you want to use this ZEN DAC Signature V2 and which digital music format you prefer, this affordable DAC delivers an outstanding sound quality.

Balanced design

The analogue section is fitted with both single-ended RCA and a 4.4mm balanced Pentaconn line output. The output signal can be set to fixed or variable with a flip of the switch on the back panel. If you want to drive a set of active speakers, set it to variable. If you prefer to use the DAC in a conventional hi-fi set, just flip it to the fixed position. Easily connect the ZEN DAC V2 to the ZEN CAN Signature using the 4.4mm Pentaconn jack on both devices and acquire the perfect Signature combo for the most demanding Head-Fi enthusiasts out there.

The iFi ZEN DAC Signature V2 is powered by USB, keeping your desktop free of power cables. If you prefer to use the ZEN as a standalone USB DAC in your Hi-Fi set, you can use the included iFi iPower2 5V power supply. This low-noise power supply is specially designed for use with high quality Hi-Fi components by e.g., iFi Audio.