iFi Audio ZEN CAN

The iFi ZEN CAN is a fully analog high-performance headphone amplifier from iFi Audio. This headphone amplifier is based on iFi’s Pro iCAN flagship model and is built with a discrete Class A amplifier and a fully symmetric dual-mono configuration. iFi also uses especially for this ZEN CAN selected components. The sound quality? Amazingly good. Whether you want to drive highly sensitive in-ears or the toughest planar over-ears, this iFi ZEN CAN makes your headphones sound better than ever before.

Analogical perfection

Connect your audio source single-ended through the RCA line input or 3.5mm input and balanced through the 4.4mm Pentaconn connection. The signal path of this headphone amplifier is analog from input to output. This means that there are no USB or S/PDIF connections available. Do you need digital inputs? Pair this ZEN CAN with iFi’s brilliant ZEN DAC. Would you like to stream from iOS or Android through Bluetooth? Then simply connect a ZEN Blue to this ZEN CAN. Whatever your Head-Fi wishes may be, with the ZEN CAN you lay a good foundation for virtually every headphone around and you can expand to your heart's content with the other ZEN models of iFi Audio.


This ZEN CAN is suitable for any type of headphone and has a 6.3mm and a 4.4mm Pentaconn headphone jack. iFi has included a gain switch on the front that amplifies with steps of 6dB from 0dB, 6dB, 12dB to 18dB. Set the gain for use with an in-ear to 0dB and switch to maximum gain when you connect hard-to-control planar headphones. Especially for open-back headphones where the low gain decreases along with the bass frequencies, iFi has implemented XBass which amplifies the low frequencies in such a way that to the ear a linear frequency response is achieved.

In addition, iFi has added its 3D sound optimization to this headphone amplifier. 3D is mainly intended for music albums where the reproduction is literally experienced between the ears. With 3D, the ZEN CAN broadens the soundstage in such a way that voices are nicely centered, but details and effects are realistically placed in the room, creating a wider and deeper imaging. This iFi ZEN CAN headphone amplifier takes the performance of every type of headphone to a significantly higher level.