iFi Audio ZEN Blue V2

If you prefer to listen to music in high-res sound quality via Tidal or Qobuz and want to stream it to your hi-fi set, then this 2nd generation ZEN Blue from iFi Audio is the perfect choice. The ZEN Blue V2 is a wireless Bluetooth receiver designed specifically for music enthusiasts with a hi-fi set or a set of active speakers without Bluetooth or streaming audio functionality. The iFi ZEN Blue V2 is equipped with Low Latency Bluetooth 5.0 and supports all Bluetooth versions and codecs. If you are looking for a high-quality Bluetooth receiver with many features and an audiophile sound quality, iFi offers the perfect solution.

Superb sound quality

Great sound quality starts with clean power and this is one of the specialties of iFi Audio. In this area, the manufacturer has built up an excellent reputation worldwide. To make sure this ZEN Blue performs optimally, iFi supplies this Bluetooth receiver with an ultra-low-noise PSU. The manufacturer has built the amplification circuit of the Gen.2 ZEN Blue fully balanced with high-grade components to ensure the best possible sound quality.

In doing so, the manufacturer achieves a better channel separation and provides a significantly better sound quality than the usual one-chip solutions. Moreover, the conversion from digital to analogue is handled by a premium-quality ESS Sabre DAC with Hyperstream architecture. Due to their musical and highly refined sound-quality, a high dynamic range and very low jitter values, these converters are most popular by audiophiles.

Single-ended and balanced

The analog signal is put out via two single-ended line outputs, but if desired you can also use the balanced 4.4 mm jack output. This balanced output is, especially in this price range, unique. A balanced output has the advantage that it is relatively insensitive to noise or RFI/EMI interference. Therefore you can effortlessly bridge larger distances with a balanced connection. This makes the balanced technology very suitable for professional studio applications and for home use. If you prefer to connect this high-quality Bluetooth receiver directly to your own DAC, you can. The iFi ZEN Blue V2 is equipped with a coaxial S/PDIF and optical Toslink connection.