iFi Audio Pro iESL

The iFi Audio Pro iESL is a high-quality ‘energizer’ for driving the world's best electrostatic headphones. Unlike dynamic headphones, electrostatic headphones are often more difficult to drive and the maximum sound levels are not very loud. Do you own a pair of electrostatic headphones but does your headphones amplifier lack the 'drive' to make them come to life, you should really try this iFi Pro iESL electrostatic headphones extension.

Connect the iFi Pro iESL to an iFi iCAN headphones amplifier, to a premium quality third party headphones amplifier or to the speaker outputs of your high-end audio amplifier. If your amplifier is equipped with just a single set of loudspeaker terminals, connect them directly to the loudspeaker inputs of the Pro iESL and connect the loudspeakers to the iESL’s speaker outputs. This way you don't have to disconnect the speakers every single time you want to enjoy music through your electrostatic headphones. Finally, the iFi Pro iESL is fitted with a balanced connection for dynamic headphones.

Audiophile components

This iFi energizer is built with high-quality WIMA capacitors, high-grade Vishay MELF resistors, gas-tight relays with silver contacts and premium Pinstripe Permalloy Core transformers. These step-up transformers provide a wide and linear frequency range from <10Hz up to 60kHz. The sound quality of a the iFi iCAN headphones amplifier including this iFi Pro iESL can be characterized as most transparent with a total absence of tonal coloration.

Battery power

iFi Audio noticed that the sound quality of electrostatic headphone amplifiers significantly improves when the power supply is turned off and a headphone amplifier primarily runs on battery capacity. This is why iFi Audio has provided this Pro iESL energizer with a large capacity battery banks and a switching power supply that fully recharges the banks as soon as the voltage drops below a certain threshold. As soon as the charging process is complete, the power supply switches off again until the voltage again drops below this threshold. This pure ‘static’ power supply is 100% hum and noise free.

For virtually any electrostatic headphone

This high-quality iFi Pro iESL extension for the iFi Pro iCAN provides a 'normal' gain of 230 volts and also has an selectable 'custom' gain from 500 up to 640 volts. This makes this iFi energizer suitable for use with various electrostatic headphone models such as the Stax ESHP (230V @Normal), Sennheiser Orpheus HE-90 (500V), Sennheiser HE-60 and King Sound KS-H2/3/4 (540V), Stax ESHP (580V @Pro), the KOSS ESP/950 and the Jade (both 600V). The output impedance is switchable between 16, 24, 64 and 96 Ohms to closely match the headphones impedance and prevent overload damage at a louder volume.

Please find additional information at the manufacturer's website.