iFi Audio Micro iPhono3

Enjoy your vinyl collection even more with this iFi Audio iPhono3 Black Label phono stage. This phono preamplifier is specially developed for those who already made the analog step into vinyl and want to make a big leap in sound quality when listening to (audiophile) vinyl albums. This iFi pre-pre is also a very smart choice when you want to make a first move into vinyl but are unsure which turntable and/or cartridge suits you best. This iFi iPhono3 can grow along with your turntable setup. Is the time right for a higher-end cartridge? With a simple flip of a switch you can adjust the iPhono3’s equalization to the specs of the newly acquired model and immediately enjoy the boost in sound quality.

It will grow on you

By use of the dipswitches underneath the iPhono3 you can instantly setup the phono stage to your specific MM or MC cartridge. Do you own a vintage turntable with an MM, MD or (high output) MC cartridge? This iPhono3 can be precisely matched to experience the best possible sound quality with each brand, type and age. The gain is adjustable from 36 to 72 dB, the MM load can be set from 100pF to 500pF and the MC load (default 47kOhm) is adjustable from 33 to 1.43kOhms. When correctly set-up, just choose the preferred IEC, RIAA or eRIAA curve and this iPhono3 is 100% operational. If you need a little help with this tempting task, iFi developed a brilliant online iPhono Calculator that simply shows you which switches to flip in your specific setup. This Black Label iFi Phono Stage will certainly grow on you and you will love it for many, many years to come.

Unique features

The iFi Audio iPhono3 phono stage is based on the highend PH-77 phono stage developed by iFi’s parent company AMR. The iPhono3 is more affordable, has a more compact build but delivers a stunning sound quality and offers unique features especially in this price range. Moreover, with this preamplifier you can choose different equalization curves, a feature not often to be found on phono stages. Despite the RIAA standard is used on a worldwide scale, in the decades before the 1980’s, the majority of companies mainly used their own curves. Do you love to listen to old Decca or Columbia albums, but the flat and lifeless sound quality limits your sound experience? The easily accessible 3-way switch allows you to switch to the matching curve to enjoy your favorite albums the same way the artist did back in the day.

Sound quality

One of the most important arguments to choose for this iFi iPhono3 phono stage is its perfect sound quality. The frequency range is 10Hz to 100kHz (+/- 0.3dB), dynamic range is 108dB-A (MM) and 106dB-A (MC). This phono stage is discretely built with high-grade individual components that are carefully selected by hand. The DC coupled class-A line stage has a capacitor-free signal path and features iFi’s TubeState technology that provides even more musicality. As you've come to expect from iFi, the manufacturer has done everything possible to suppress noise and distortion. This is why iFi bundles this Black Label phonostage with it’s much acclaimed iPower X power adapter. With this iFi wants you to enjoy vinyl with a perfect sound quality and ultra-low noise.