iFi Audio iDSD Diablo

The iFi Audio iDSD Diablo is the new top model from the iFi Audio iDSD line. This iDSD Diablo is equipped with all important features and delivers a high-quality sound. The signal paths in the amplifier circuit of the Diablo are fitted with higher-quality internal components and low-noise op-amps, allowing the smallest nuances and details in the music to be brought out even better.

Through the use of iFi's Global Master Timing femto-precision clock and intelligent memory buffer, jitter is effectively eliminated. Thanks to the Gibbs Transient Optimized digital filter, your digital music sounds better than ever. If desired, alternative filters can be installed as firmware updates. The iDSD Diablo delivers an output power of 4100mW, which allows it to drive virtually all types of headphones.

Premium DAC

The iDSD Diablo is equipped with two D/A converters from Burr-Brown. These DACs, selected for their sound, have been implemented because of the architecture. Both DAC chips are switched in interleaved configuration, allowing four pairs of differential signals (two per channel). In this way the noise floor is lowered and both the resolution and channel separation increased so that you will perceive even more details in the music.

Complete package

For optimal sound quality, the iDSD Diablo comes with a low-noise iPower power supply. It also comes with various adapters and 4.4mm Pentaconn to XLR cable, allowing it to be used in a high-end Hi-Fi set or in a studio environment. Finally, iFi Audio supplies a handy storage bag in which to safely store the iDSD Diablo and all its accessories.