iFi Audio Gemini3.0

The iFi Gemini3.0 is a high-quality manufactured USB cable with a double USB connector to provide power and data separately to your USB-DAC. The iFi Gemini3.0 has a flat cable design in which the OFHC Continuous Copper Silver Matrix Conductors are carefully positioned so that they can influence each other as little as possible. The power and data lines are physically separated for the purest data transmission.

Optimum signal transmission

Data and power are separated over the entire cable length. The triple shielded conductors and the special factory-designed connectors ensure the best possible shielding against EMI/RFI in order to keep the digital datastream as clean as possible. You can draw power from a second USB port on the digital source, use an iFi iPower X adapter or even use a power bank. Finally, the cable is equipped with 3 sliding RF filters that prevent the so-called antenna effect.

Sound quality

When using a laptop, HTPC or desktop computer, in some situations you will notice a significant improvement in sound quality. Even when used in a high-end streamer-DAC configuration, the differences are often audible. The imaging properties can improve significantly too. In many cases you will also perceive a quieter background and experience more openness, definition, detail and subtle nuances in the music.

USB 2.0 or USB 3.0?

Which USB version is suitable for your application? USB 3.0 can handle higher bandwidths of highres audio much better and is especially compelling for digital signal as of 24-192 and DSD128. Currently the USB 3.0 standard on streamers and DACs is in scarce demand. If you, however, have a USB 3.0 type B connection on your DAC, the USB 3.0 cable version would be the one to go for. If your DAC still has an old familiar USB 2.0 connection, 3.0 cabling won’t fit the old 2.0 connector and in this case a USB 2.0 cable is the right cable to choose. This USB 2.0 cable can also be used with the later USB 3.0 generation connectors.