iCasa Pulse 4S ZigBee Keypad

New to the iCasa smart home assortment are the intuitive ZigBee Pulse keypads. With this Pulse 4S keypads you can easily operate ZigBee lights without the use of a dedicated remote control or smartphone app. Flick the lights on or off in the way you have been used to for years. A nice addition is the functionality to dim the lights for any desired situation or atmosphere.

iCasa ZigBee products are designed in such a way that they can be used effortlessly in any existing home installation. Simply replace the existing wall switch with the Pulse 4S in-wall keypad, pair it with the ZigBee gateway and fulfil all your wishes in terms of lighting.

Briefly press the 'on' button to turn on the lights and briefly press the 'off' button to turn them off again. Press and hold the on button to increase the light intensity, or press and hold the off button for a longer time to dim the lights. After turning the lights off, the settings are conveniently stored so you don't have to adjust the intensity each time you turn the lights back on.

Scene selection

The Pulse 4S keypad is equipped with two additional push buttons for the storage of preferred lightning settings; so-called 'scenes'. Set scene 1 for a relaxed romantic atmosphere and scene 2 for a more productive style of living. With just a push on the button the Pulse 4S gets you in the right mood every single time.

Which lamps?

The iCasa Pulse 4S works with ZigBee gateways and lights. This keypad also works with other ZigBee certified products like Philips Hue and Ikea Trådfri. For those that also like to add lamps with conventional light bulbs without ZigBee support, iCasa offers the ZigBee 3.0 AC dimmer. This dimmer can easily be installed anywhere near the desired lamp without complicated modifications to the electrical wiring system.

How to install

iCasa Pulse in-wall keypads are styled with a sleek and modern design. The color perfectly matches with most existing switches and wall sockets in your home. Furthermore all iCasa ZigBee products do comply with strict FCC and CE regulations. Therefore the safety of your home environment is guaranteed after these custom ZigBee solutions are installed.

If you have specific lightning wishes or questions about the addition of Pulse keypads to your existing ZigBee environment, please contact the smart home specialists at iCasa. They are happy to advise you on the smart possibilities of iCasa ZigBee products.

About iCasa

iCasa is a manufacturer of intuitive smart home products that can be implemented to extend or expand every ZigBee environment. Besides the fact that iCasa products can complete any ZigBee system, they visibly disappear in the environment, so interior and design are not affected by its implementation. iCasa ZigBee products are equipped with the latest ZigBee 3.0 standard.