iCasa ZigBee 3.0 AC Dimmer

New in the smart home range of iCasa are the ZigBee smart home products that allow you to control and expand your current ZigBee lightning environment. With this ZigBee 3.0 AC dimmer you can add 'old-fashioned' light bulbs with ZigBee certified products like Philips Hue and Ikea Trådfri.

Simply pair the ZigBee 3.0 AC dimmer with the ZigBee gateway and enjoy all 'smart' features that ZigBee has to offer. Combine your ZigBee environment with the intuitive Pulse in-wall keypads from iCasa. With these Keypads you can turn the lights on and off in the way that you have been used to for years. This could be very convenient if you suddenly need to flick the lights in a pitch-dark room at night.

Easy and safe installation

The iCasa ZigBee products are designed in such a way that they can be integrated effortlessly into any home. All iCasa ZigBee products do comply with strict FCC and CE regulations. Therefore the safety of your home will be guaranteed when these ZigBee solutions are custom installed.

If you are planning to expand your ZigBee environment with that beautiful designer lamp or if you have specific smart home requirements, you are welcome to contact the specialists at iCasa. They are happy to advise you on the smart possibilities of icasa ZigBee products.

About iCasa

iCasa is a manufacturer of intuitive smart home products that can be implemented to extend or expand every ZigBee environment. Besides the fact that iCasa products can complete any ZigBee system, they visibly disappear in the environment, so interior and design are not affected by its implementation. iCasa ZigBee products are equipped with the latest ZigBee 3.0 standard.