HiFiMAN HE400se

The HiFiMAN HE400se is a planar headphone with a timeless design, high-quality sound and a most attractive price tag. Compared to the first HE400i generation, the SE-version of the HE400 has a newly developed lightweight headband that offers a better wearing comfort even with prolonged use.

In this HE400se, the manufacturer applies the same high-performance Planar drivers as in the original HE400i. For this HE400SE, the manufacturer has designed all-new ear-cup casings that makes the drivers even more resistant to everyday outside influences. Thanks to the stealth magnet design turbulence and diffraction are reduced even further, so that the distortion figures are practically non-existent.

The frequency span ranges from 20Hz up to 20kHz and provides a pure and vivid sound throughout the entire spectrum. Due to the feather-light diaphragm, these super-fast drivers let you experience music in the full width and depth of the soundstage. Thanks to the 25 Ohm impedance and the 91dB sensitivity, these headphones will match perfectly with your smartphone, hi-fi amplifier or a high-res music player. Whatever you might prefer best, with this HE400se you will experience your favourite music with unprecedented realism.