The HiFiMan HE-R10D are the first closed-back over-ear headphones fitted with a dynamic Topology drivers. These drivers, initially developed for in-ear monitors, feature nanotechnology and are adapted for use in the HE-R10D headphones. By using these unique drivers, you will experience a significantly better sound quality than many conventional dynamic over-ear headphones can offer.

For use in every configuration

The drivers have an impedance of 32Ω and a sensitivity of 103dB, making the HE-R10 relatively easy to drive with a smartphone, music or multimedia player. The frequency span ranges from 15Hz up to 35kHz, allowing you to enjoy music with all its nuances and details. These headphones can also be paired with the Bluemini II to enjoy music wirelessly. In order to use these headphones in as many configurations as possible, the manufacturer supplies three different headphone cables.

Comfortable design

To provide the drivers with enough space to breath, each driver is mounted in a large earcup crafted out of pine wood. These ear cups are fitted with "tranquility" ear pads, which are made of high-quality leather and a comfortable suede contact-surface. The headband consists of leather-covered memory foam attached to a high-quality steel frame. The whole set weighs only 337 grams, making it most comfortable to wear all night long.