HiFiMAN Ananda BT

The HiFiMAN Ananda BT is a beautiful designed premium over-ear headphone with planar drivers, Bluetooth 5.0 (HWA, LDAC, aptX and aptX HD) and a superior sound quality. The Ananda BT is based on the popular HiFiMAN Ananda headphones and offers both an unsurpassed sound quality and a maximum freedom of movement. The included USB cable allows you to charge the headphones' battery and listen to your music directly via the headphones' internal DAC in the best possible sound quality.

This Ananda BT is very sensitive and really picks up the smallest details from the background, so you can listen to your favorite music with unprecedented realism. The wide soundstage is wide, spacious and offers a very precise placement. HiFiMAN also provides a detachable microphone with this Ananda BT. Simply plug it into the 3.5mm jack and transform the headphones into a high-quality gaming headset in just seconds.

The asymmetrical cups fall perfectly around the ear shells, making the fit and wearing comfort perfect. Simply use these Ananda BT headphones with your smartphone or pair them with your PC, gaming console or television-set. Regardless the way you like to use this Ananda BT headphone, you will be amazed by the incredible sound quality every time. Finished playing? Store this delightful headset safely in the included hard case. With the Ananda BT, HiFiMAN offers you, as a gaming music lover, everything you could wish for when buying a high-quality headphone.