The HEDDphone is the first and above all a very unique headphone built by speaker manufacturer HEDD. The membrane of these open-back and over-ear headphones is based on the same principle as the highly acclaimed AMT tweeters in the manufacturer's professional speaker models. Because of the high speed of the AMT driver, it reveals even the tiniest of nuances in the music. This makes it the most suitable driver for headphones aimed at demanding music enthusiasts and professionals in the music industry.

Sound quality

With these unique AMT drivers, music is rendered with an incredible resolution. Because of the speed and its precision, all important transient information in music is reproduced correctly making vocals and instruments sound frightenedly authentic. Due to the high speed and perfect phase behavior, the imaging qualities of these headphones are the best in the business. The result is a sound quality in which you can unravel music down to the smallest detail. Listening to your favorite music albums you will be a heart-touching experience every time you grab this HEDDphone.

AMT Drivers

The so-called Air Motion Transformer (AMT) membrane used in these headphones was designed by HEDD Chief Engineer Klaus Heinz three decades ago and is based on the original Oskar Heil invention. This type of driver works radically different than conventional dynamic or planar drivers. These drivers only make forward and backward movements, while the ribbed structure of the AMT drivers primarily moves lateral caused by Lorentz forces that 'squeezes' the air between the ribs up to four times faster than conventional driver designs.

HEDDphone drivers

For HEDDphone, the manufacturer applied VVT technology to cover a wide frequency range. For this all-new headphone driver in some area’s HEDD made the 'ridges' of the diaphragm deeper and wider. This makes the HEDDphone drivers more complex than AMT tweeters but provides an undistorted frequency range as of 10Hz and reaches up to 40kHz! With a sensitivity of 87dB SPL to 1mW and an impedance of 42 Ohm, these headphones deserve a quality headphone amplifier to deliver optimal performance.


The dimensions of the HEDDphone correspond to those of regular planar headphones. With a total weight of 718 grams, these headphones are not among the lightest headphones in its class, yet the wearing comfort is exceptionally good. The soft headband has a special shape so that it remains comfortable even with prolonged use. Because the distance of the drivers to the ears is crucial for the best possible imaging properties, the manufacturer has applied thick and most comfortable ear cushions. With this HEDDphone you can really listen for hours on end.