Grado Labs SR125e

Get familiar with the legendary Grado Prestige Series headphones. Grado’s wonderful head-fi journey all started with these award-winning Prestige Series headphones. These iconic headphones are based on over 6 decades of Grado development with which the manufacturer acquired instant world fame. This Grado Labs Prestige Series SR125e has been further improved, features better quality cabling and better dampening material in the ear shells which makes the sound less ‘muddy’. This makes these headphones ideal for demanding music enthusiasts.

Precision built

The SR125e headphones feature redesigned drivers with Ultra-high purity long crystal oxygen-free copper voice coil wire and a especially de-stressed driver diaphragm for even better tonal balance and control, taking a very good performance to an even higher level. The frequency ranges as of 20Hz up to 20kHz. The precision-built drivers have an impedance of 32 Ohms, a sensitivity of 99.8 dB at 1mW and a channel deviation as low as 0.1dB. These dynamic open-back headphones deliver a well-balanced ratio between price and performance and perform at such high standards it easily reveals details in music you've probably never noticed before.

Excellent performance

These headphones produce a sound that is pure Grado and offer a warm, dynamic and most delicate sound. With these Grado SR125e headphones you enjoy your favorite music with an excellent midrange definition and an ultra-smooth top end. Above all, you will probably be dazzled with the speed, accuracy and lifelike realism that these affordable headphones offer while listening to your favorite artists.