Grado Labs RS1e

With its Reference Series Grado proves that the experience an audiophile sound quality is not something that takes place between the ears, but on the ears. With this RS1e Reference Series open-back headphones by Grado Labs you listen to your music in audiophile perfection. These headphones own such good sound characteristics, that you will never take the step back to those mediocre-grade headphones again. Only the best-sounding speaker systems in the world will come close to the sound quality of these fine Brooklyn-built headphones. So, consider yourself warned.

Audiophilic perfection

The RS1e is equipped with 50mm drivers and metal grilles for an optimum open-back airflow. The frequency response ranges from 12Hz up to 30kHz. The driver impedance is 32 Ohm, have a sensitivity of 99.8 dB at 1mW and the tolerance is a mere 0.05dB per channel. Of course, this RS1e is equipped with an 8-core high-grade headphones cable. These reference-class headphones deliver an open, dynamic and well controlled sound with a perfect midrange definition and a silky-smooth top end.

Gorgeous and exclusive

This RS1e is the top model in the Reference Series by Grado Labs, is completely built by hand and is a true Grado in every respect. The ear cups are made of premium mahogany wood that has been dried and processed under specific conditions that can only be accomplished in the state of New-York. This gives this RS1e a unique look & feel and provides a most gorgeous sound. This RS1e from the Grado Reference Series is a true masterpiece.