Grado Labs PS1000e

The headphones in Grado Labs' Professional Series are so revealing that for most hardcore music enthusiasts this could be a tad overwhelming. Basically, these headphones are intended for technical listeners such as musicians, sound engineers, producers and mastering engineers. Professionals that need to notice the smallest imperfections in order to capture the best possible end result for the artist. If you, as an audiophile music enthusiast prefer to hear every creak, squeak or breath, with these PS1000e you might be on the right track here.

Genuine Grado

The PS1000e features larger ear cups and ear cushions than the PS500e. Due to the excellent fit these headphones are one of the most comfortable headphones available today. Grado uses metal grilles for a perfect open-back airflow, a 12-core Ultra-Purity Long Crystal copper headphone cable and renewed 50mm drivers. The frequency response ranges from 5 up to 50,000 Hertz, the impedance is 32 Ohm, the sensitivity is 99.8 dB at 1mW and the mutual driver tolerance is as low as 0.05dB. These PS1000e feature a full, open and richly detailed sound. The bass is nicely layered and has a delicious impact, the midrange has a perfect definition and the top end is silky soft.

Handcrafted power tool

Because professionals use their equipment many hours a day and sometimes threat it a little rougher than the average consumer would, Grado has built this PS1000e like an armored assault vehicle. The ear cups are made of a special grade aluminum and the inside is fitted with a resonance dampening mahogany core. The outside is heavily chrome plated, which makes these headphones not only look very robust, they also look incredibly beautiful. In this way, these headphones are in every respect a real Grado, but are much more resistant to a tougher studio life.