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Grado Labs GT220

Meet the GT220, the first true wireless in-ear headphones developed by Grado Labs. These cordless headphones have a battery life of 6 hours on a single charge and with the supplied charging box the maximum battery life is 36 hours. Due to the lack of cabling with Bluetooth dongle, the wearing comfort is sublime. You can wear these headphones all day long.

A real Grado

These Bluetooth headphones feature signature mini drivers developed by Grado Labs itself and offer a delicate sound with a frequency response that ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz. The sound is typified by a dynamic sound with a nice low-end punch, without sacrificing its tonal neutrality. These unique in-house developed drivers make this Grado Labs GT220 sound like a real Grado.

Comfortable and easy

The headphones are fitted with a sensitive microphone that allows you to make crystal clear phone calls totally handsfree and all can be controlled by a simple tap against the earpieces. These in-ear headphones come with different tips for an optimal fit and a minimal sound 'leakage'. Regardless the size and shape of your ears, the fit is always perfect.

With these excellent fully-wireless in-ear monitors you will enjoy music with a perfect bass, an excellent midrange definition and silky soft yet very detailed hights. The accuracy and realism with which these in-ear monitors play your favourite playlists is nothing less than stunning.