Grado Labs GS1000e

Headphones in the Statement Series from Grado Labs are the finest handmade headphones produced by the American family business to date. These high-end Statement Series only use the finest woods on which the manufacturer can lay her hand. The mahogany ear shells of this GS1000e are equipped with very comfortable ear cushions and fall comfortably over the ears creating a private listening space.

Handmade gem

For these GS1000e, Grado uses metal grills for an optimal open-back airflow, its highest quality 12-core headphone cable and specially tuned 50mm drivers. The imaging and sound quality that these Grado GS1000e open-back headphones produce is truly phenomenal. The frequency response ranges from 8 to 35,000 Hertz, the impedance is 32 Ohm, the sensitivity 99.8 dB at 1mW and with a deviation of just 0.05dB, the driver deviation is marginal.

Gorgeous and more exclusive

This Grado Labs GS1000e is a real Grado in every respect. The music playback is open, richly detailed and above all wonderfully dynamic. The layer is nicely layered, the midrange has a perfect definition and the top end is silky soft. With these headphones you can listen to different layers in music across the sound stage and enables you to experience your music as only a Grado is able to deliver.